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Property Lookup Alternatives: 1. Use our Street Index - Select a street and we will display every property on that street. Browse properties on the map. No tax records found. Unlock the full property report. Tax year Current value. Current tax bill Projected tax bill Current assessed value. Market Value.

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Assessed Value. Exemptions and Taxable Value. Currently, the owner does not benefit from any deductions.

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Ownership data. Mailing lists. Property Tax Records in Other States. Blog Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Customer Service Phone: Email: support propertyshark. Copyright , PropertyShark. The State, thereby, inserted itself into the local property tax assessment process. As a local tax, this levy is, generally, locally assessed and collected for the support of municipal and county governments and local school districts.

No part of it supports State government, but a large part of it supports functions that the State has imposed on local units. All taxable property is assigned a value - assessed-by a local assessor in each municipality. An assessment is given as "taxable value," except in the case of qualified farmland, which is specially valued.

The amount of the tax is annually determined each year, in every municipality, to provide sufficient revenues to meet the budgeted expenditures of municipalities, counties and school districts, minus revenue available from other sources. Each year school districts, municipal governing bodies, and county governing bodies notify the County Tax Boards of their budgetary requirements through submission of adopted budgets.

Board of Taxation

The various levies are totaled to represent the "amount to be raised by taxation" for each taxing jurisdiction. The tax levy is divided by the total assessed value of all taxable property within the municipality-or the tax base - to determine the general tax rate. The general tax rate is then applied to the assessed value of each individual parcel of property to determine the property owner's tax liability.

Local budgets, assessed value and the availability of other revenues, then, are the prime determinants of each taxpayer's burden. The rate is annually adjusted to account for these factors. Because of this, you will see our property tax referred to as a "residual tax. Skip to Main Content.

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Changes in Property Taxes "Look at this bill. Bigger Tax Bill If your property was to become more valuable due to an event such as structural additions or renovations, and all other properties remained unchanged, your tax liability bill gets bigger.

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Colonial Period Our local property tax goes back to the colonial period.