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Forgot your Password? Register Me! Retrieve my Password! The sum of these values is divided by 11, and the remainder becomes the 9th digit. This is the least useful part of the VIN for anyone who works behind a parts counter, but it still is important in the grand scheme of the universe.

Rounding out our top 10, we come to the model year. Of course, once manufacturers started repeating model year codes, it became difficult to tell, based on the number alone, if a VIN was from or Even though the 7th digit of the VIN can represent a number of things, for vehicles built through , it must be a number.

For model years , the 7th character will always be a letter.

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The 11th position of the VIN takes the place of manufacture to another level, signifying the individual assembly plant. Sometimes, unique components are manufactured or installed in different plants, and we need to use the 11th digit to identify which option is installed.

Something as simple as a wheel stud and lug nut for a Ford Taurus might require a parts specialist to determine if the car was assembled in Atlanta or Chicago. For those of us working in stores that mix paint, it also is worthwhile to note that Honda uses assembly plant codes as part of their paint codes. The last portion of the VIN is the sequential serial number that uniquely identifies a particular vehicle. Additional restrictions may apply.

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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Save time, confusion, and hassle by using your VIN to identify your vehicle and find the parts you need, error free! Sometimes, the easiest method of looking up your vehicle is by your VIN number. Your VIN can be found in a number of locations and is made up of 17 digits and characters. Where can you find your VIN?