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Individuals with physical or visual disabilities and seniors may also be eligible for call allowances, depending on the state. Call allowances not used within one billing period cannot be transferred to an additional billing period or to another account. Directory Assistance Call Completion charges are as follows:. Existing user? Sign in. Support Phone Directories. Looking for Verizon White Pages? To order a print version of the directory: Place your order online at the directorystore , global directory bookstore, or Call 1.

Directory Assistance Call Completion charges are as follows: If the number is not answered or busy, you will only be billed for the directory assistance request If the call is answered, you be charged for the call completion service and the directory assistance request Local Directory Assistance, National Directory Assistance and Call Completion charges vary by location. Need more support?

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Search any landline or cell phone number, including non-published and unlisted numbers. We will quickly scan our complete database, including state carriers and national phone records, to pull up a reverse phone report that identifies the owner of the number. Once we find what you are looking for, you will be able to confidentially access the information.

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  6. Our reverse phone lookup service makes finding information on mystery callers super easy. This results in dozens of websites, apps, and services acquiring your number and either using that information to contact you or providing that information to someone else who wants to contact you.

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    This exchange of your important and private information happens often, including when you:. Our phone lookup service will find you the answers that you need quickly, securely, and confidentially. We will quickly scan billions of federal and state records to give you more data on their demographics, family relations, and current and former locations. For an additional fee you can access a complete background check on the caller that includes their direct address, any criminal history they may have, their social networking activities, and much more.

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    People search allows you to securely and confidentially answer all of your questions—and then some. We take accuracy very seriously. Our data compiling system scans newly released public records every single day so that we can ensure the information you find is up-to-date and reliable. Whether you are identifying a caller through a reverse phone lookup or digging for more substantive data through our free people search, you can have confidence that the results you are presented with are as good as they get.

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    Our mission at GoLookUp is to make it easier to find the information that you want and need to know in order to keep yourself and your family safe. Our searches are completely free to perform, though you may need to pay a small fee in order to pull a more detailed report.

    If you know that you are going to have to pull quite a few reports, we recommend enrolling in our monthly membership program. Once you are done, you can opt-out at any time. A reverse phone lookup is a useful tool for determining who has been contacting you. Unlike the white pages your typical telephone directory for personal phone numbers or the yellow pages the phone directory for businesses , a reverse phone lookup is sometimes known as the gray pages.

    With gray pages, all you need is a phone number to get started and learn who has been trying to contact you.

    In the past, the only way to know who was calling you was to answer the phone. There are a few different ways to do a reverse phone lookup.

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    For example, while a business may have one phone number publicized, they may have many other phone numbers that are kept private. You could also try searching social media, like Facebook, since some people link their profiles to their phone number, but most people choose not to due to privacy concerns. The White Pages can be used to provide some limited information on landline numbers, but your best bet is to go with a full reverse phone lookup service such as the one offered by Go LookUp, which can be used with both landline and mobile phone numbers. When cleaning out your pockets or organizing your desk, you find a scrap of paper with a phone number scribbled upon it, but no name.

    Who does the phone number belong to and why did you write it down? A reverse phone lookup can provide you with the answer.

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    You missed a call and are wondering if you should bother to call back. It could be anyone, a telemarketer, a potential job opportunity, your doctor, or a con artist. Before potentially wasting your time on the call, run a quick reverse phone lookup.