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Please check your email and click on the Reset Passwork link. Processing of arrestees is designed to reduce the anxiety level for new arrestees. The booking process ensures:. Bail can be posted 24 hours a day, seven days a week online or at the bail window located at Stewart Ave. MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are accepted. The deposit kiosk also accepts cash. Inmates are required to submit the name first, middle and last and date of birth of all persons seeking visitation privileges.

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Visitors must be on the list provided by the inmate. To verify, call option 3. On-street parking is available at the blue visitation gate located midway between Mojave and Pecos roads on Stewart Avenue. Please allow at least 30 minutes check-in time prior to visitation. A person will be denied visitation if he or she:.

Legal visits are provided Monday, Wednesday and Friday from a. Call between the hours of 8 a. Monday through Thursday to schedule an appointment. All visitors, including attorneys and anyone accompanying the attorney, must be pre-approved. A valid picture identification card is required for admittance. There are two ways property releases can be initiated: the inmate housed in the units can request a property release form from an officer, or an outside person can request the property release form at the bail window, located at Stewart Ave.

Both requests require the completion of a property release form. All property requests will be processed during the designated times only. To obtain information about inmates housed within the city detention center, please call , option 3.

Inmate Information

For other area detention centers, please contact:. Top Requests. Inmate Search Business Licenses. Pay Jobs. Download a money order deposit form here. It is also available in other places that display the MoneyGram logo. MoneyGram provides a service for transmitting funds from one point to another using electronic means. MoneyGram is transmitted electronically so it is faster than money orders. There are fees associated with the internet transactions. The daily cut-off time to submit a payment is 10 p. There are fees associated with telephone transactions.

Lobby Kiosks Kiosks are located in all state correctional facility visiting areas.

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Fees will apply for credit or debit card transactions same as internet. All deposits are still subject to the rules and regulations promulgated by Department Regulation B Offender Banking. The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections — Corrections Services has a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual violence and sexual misconduct involving staff. PREA audits for individual state correctional facilities are available upon request. Please follow the guidelines for making a public records request listed here.

The set-up of the Department can be confusing to many people. Constitutionally, it is one Department. Practically, the Department is divided into three areas:. Each entity reports directly to the Governor. At present, there are more than 36, offenders serving time for state felonies. Capacity at state facilities is just under 19, Therefore, the state relies upon parish and private facilities throughout Louisiana to house and care for offenders.

Recent Arrests

The state reimburses these entities for housing offenders. As part of the orientation process, offenders are notified of the rules and procedures that govern them while incarcerated. We encourage families to understand that part of the rehabilitation process for the offender while incarcerated is learning to accept responsibility for oneself and following the rules and procedures for obtaining information or addressing grievances about situations that affect him or her. Offenders are first encouraged to speak with staff if they have an issue of concern or need.

However, if for some reason communicating with a staff member is not helpful, they are asked to put their concerns in writing and submit the letter to appropriate staff. Lastly, if these mechanisms do not answer their question or address their grievance, they may submit the issue through the Administrative Remedy Procedure ARP.

Such complaints include actions pertaining to conditions of confinement, personal injuries, medical malpractice, time computations, or challenges to rules, regulations, policies, or statutes. Through this procedure, offenders shall receive reasonable responses and, where appropriate, meaningful remedies. As such, offenders are placed in locations that best meet their needs and the space needs of the Department. The request should include specific explanations for the transfer.

Find contact info, directions, and more for each correctional facility.

When offenders are moved into state operated facilities, they are usually first processed through the Adult Reception and Diagnostic Center ARDC at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center for males or the Louisiana Correctional Center for Women for females before being assigned to a permanent location. Headquarters does not get involved in specific transfer requests, as assignments are coordinated through the appropriate classification process at the assigning facility or local jail. If there is no date available on this system, the time calculation has not been completed yet and callers are encouraged to call again later.

This system is automatically updated and will have the information as soon as it is available. For additional information on time computation related issues, you can call our automated system at Every offender is sent a copy of his or her Master Prison Record document reflecting the calculation of their sentence when the calculation is complete.

While offenders often ask family members or friends to contact the Office of Adult Services on their behalf about time computation questions, the offender should be encouraged to follow appropriate procedures to ensure that staff has the information and time needed to respond to his or her concerns.

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Credits for program completion can take up to 90 days, though they are usually awarded within a few weeks. Offenders who do not agree with credits given for any particular program may file a grievance under the Administrative Remedy Procedure as noted in Time Computation Section. Offenders may request to participate in programs through Classification in state facilities and through program coordinators at the local facilities.

Requests should be submitted in writing to the appropriate person by the offender.

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Unless precluded by law or Department regulation, in general offenders are eligible for the Transitional Work Program up to four years prior to their discharge date. Staff will be able to assist the offender in understanding when he or she will be eligible for Transitional Work Program participation. Eligibility does not ensure placement in the Transition Work Program as there are usually more offenders eligible than there are jobs available.

The Department makes every effort to place eligible offenders in the program, although it may not be for the entire period of their eligibility. All offenders should only have access to telephone services through the provided phone system at the facility where they are assigned.

This includes all family, personal and legal contacts. To set up billing accounts for phone service or if there are problems receiving calls, family members may contact for telephone related inquiries. The staff at this number and website will not be able to assist in approval of contact lists.

Offenders housed in local level facilities must utilize the phone systems that are set up in those facilities. Information on how to use the system can be obtained from the staff at the assigned facility by the offender. In no instance is an offender allowed to possess or utilize a cellular telephone while incarcerated. Offenders who have a current or prior conviction for a sex crime involving a minor child family member, or who have a documented history of sex abuse with a minor child family member, are ineligible to visit with any minor child, including their own biological or step-child.

The legal guardian shall submit a written request and shall accompany the minor child during the visit. The warden may consider special visits for offenders who have successfully completed or are participating satisfactorily in sex offender treatment when the legal guardian has submitted a written request and accompanies the minor child during the visit. The legal guardian shall provide a written, notarized statement authorizing a specific individual to accompany the minor child.